In keeping with his sharp criticism of nationalism and of the subjugation of colonies by European powers Christoph F. Blumhardt also raises the subject of his view of Europe in his letters and prayer services: The missionary work coming from Europe, which equates Christianization with the following of European achievements, needs to be called imperfect.

“It must be perfect, once in every people God’s Being in Christ bubbles up naturally and truly in their own language and custom, so that even we Europeans might learn and be instigated to a livelier nature.” (Letter to the missionary Johanssen, Usambara/Tansania, 7-29-1892).

In his letters to his daughter Salome and his son-in-law Richard Wilhelm in China Christoph F. Blumhardt frequently states a very critical view about the European or rather the German colonial policy of his time:

“Seen in the spirit of God’s truth, Europe is committing a wrong in conquering the world the way they are doing it in order to benefit from it. Concerning religious policies we are romping about among the peoples as if we were fully entitled to do so, and yet we are in the wrong.” (Letter to his daughter Salome, 6-26-1900)